Let’s play! 

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt!

You can download this one for free! Print it out, and have fun colouring, and finding all kinds of treasure! 

Enjoy exploring the natural world around you.

You will receive one 3 page PDF to download and print. We recommend regular or recycled A4 printing paper, however some of the pages could be printed out larger for the classroom or to frame as an artwork.

Included in this FREE Woodland Scavenger Hunt creative activity pack: 1 Full colour Printable Poster (can be printed at A4 or blown up to A3)
1 colouring in page
1 page of items to find (which can also be coloured in)

It’s easy to be have fun with kids. This activity can be used on picnics in the park, or in the garden. It encourages play in outdoor environments, and exploration. Get dirty and have fun finding as many of the items as you can. Get kids to bring their finds indoors and colour in the page of items. You can even cut out each illustration and use them to label your finds.

Note: You don’t need any extra items for this scavenger hunt, but using pens, pencils, paint or crayons, a glue stick and scissors can extend the timeframe for the activity in the PDF. Adult supervision is required for smaller children.

This artwork and activity is not for resale. Please visit my shop for more art or contact me for licensing options.

The Underwater Theatre!

There is a whole new world under the water… filled with all sorts of interesting creatures. Grab your flippers and put on your goggles, dive in and play!

In this FREE download, you will recieve all the parts to print and  construct your very own underwater theatre. 

Have fun painting or colouring, and don’t forget to add your own fish or other creatures to the background. 

Now you can make up all sorts of stories about the adventures your characters are having while they explore the underwater world. 

This activity was created to inspire curiosity in children, and also to encourage exploration of the ocean. Always remember swimming safety, and have fun learning new things about the world around us.