Custom Children’s Portrait


An original line artwork of your child and their favourite animal. This is a fantastic way to have a personalised artwork, and get your kids involved in the process. Kat will create a custom digital portrait for you to print out. The kids can colour it in, and it makes a fantastic gift for a loved one.


Once payment has been made, you will receive an email from Kat where she will walk you through the process of creating your custom portrait. Please allow 24 hours for a response after payment. You can also send a whatsapp for assistance should you have any doubts.

You will receive an original digital black & white portrait to print out. Should you wish to own the original sketch, or have a printed and signed copy, please contact Kat directly, and she will inform you of the prices.

These portraits make great gifts for grandparents or even as treasured keepsakes. You can print as many copies as you like, and with the digital file you can also print on other mediums such as mugs, tote bags or even t-shirts. Perfect for a rainy day project which can inspire your child to have fun colouring or painting themselves!


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