Cuthbert and the Yeti

It is winter in the Enchanted Forest and all is still and quiet.
Quiet, that is, apart from a loud ROAR that startles Cuthbert from his sleep.
What can it be?

Find out as you join Cuthbert in his latest colourful adventure!

The Cuthbert series of books are fun, exciting and educational, with subtle messages about tolerance and diversity.

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Patrick Halliday is the author of the Cuthbert the Colourful Troll series of picture books, along with several screenplays, and the graphic novel, E6, published by Markosia Enterprises. Patrick has also worked in the wine business for over 25 years, and lives in East Sussex.

Kat Cameron is the Illustrator of the Cuthbert the Colourful Troll series of picture books. Based in Barcelona, she specialises in fantastical, concept driven Illustration and design.

The Cuthbert Series is published by Markosia



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